Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc.

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization


To provide survivors of domestic violence a Renewal of Life. We provide services to survivors for professional and personal development that will empower and inspire them to transpose their life to a positive, healthier, and loving place; physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially. 


To redefine the path to end domestic violence

Domestic Violence comes in Different For

Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc. vision is “To Redefine the path to end domestic violence".  We are giving survivors a Fresh Start by providing professional and personal development training with assistance to help them become self-sufficient.  While focusing on intervention and prevention we provide relocation assistance, escape plan formalization, a positive and safe environment, a place to gain communal support, and a platform to share freely. 


Domestic Violence is an epidemic spreading faster than Cancer.  Twenty people per minute are victims of abuse by an intimate partner and generally, these victims have two or more children in the household.  The effects are 3,600 plus people per hour and 43,200 people in 24 hours who have been traumatized by domestic violence, and these are the ones that have been reported.  It is important to end domestic violence to help decrease homelessness, mental health and physical health issues, poverty, death, economic burden, lack of business productivity, and future dysfunctional families by both survivors and their children.

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