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COVID-19 Shut-In Safety Plans for Domestic Violence Victims

Updated: Mar 16

On February 29th, the Baltimore Sun released a news article titled "Maryland Preparing for Possible Extended Shutdowns of Schools and Businesses" . As many await to see what may happen, Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc. has began to prepare our staff and volunteers for possible highten calls as a result of an extended shut-in.

We all know first hand the stress and tension levels that increase due to the demands of attention, over active minds, and hands of little ones when they are home from school. However, school and work hours mean so much more to those that are victims of domestic violence; It is a time of solitude. For some, their jobs are their temporary safe-haven and for others, their homes during work hours provide them a moment of release and peace from the abuse that awaits them at the end of a work day.

This is a critical time for Victims of domestic violence. Extended shut-ins increases the opportunity of abuse, especially for those Victims who are already at war in their own home. During this time victims may feel isolated and even more afraid because of limited access to family and friends. Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc. staff and volunteers are working diligently to reach those in our communities with information and resources in the event the extended shut-in happens. We are asking Advocates to team up in their area to ensure victims are provided with safety plans, information, resources and have access to help. During the safety planning include alternatives for safe-havens due to the fact that shelter space may be limited because of the COVID-19 Virus. Examples include family, friends and places that abuser is unfamiliar and get hotels/motels in a friend/family memeber that is unknown to the abuser.

If you are a victim of domestic violence reach out to your local organization to connect with an advocate. If you are unaware of an organization, contact the national 211 to connect with one in your area or call Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc at (240) 720-7868. An advocate will help you formulate a customized safety plan and provide you with resources in your area. No one will judge you! If you need help, know that you are not alone! Someone is here to assist you.


• Driver’s license •Birth certificate and children’s birth certificates • Social security cards • Financial information

• Copy of lease or deed • Car registration and insurance papers

• Health and life insurance papers • Medical records for you and your children

• School records • Work permits/green Card/visa Passport

• Divorce and custody papers • Marriage license

• Prepaid credit card • Changes of clothes for you/your children

• Emergency money prepaid phone with emergency contacts


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