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What We Can Do

Transportation Relocation Assistance

The TRA Program helps survivors with the transportation resources to leave. One of the main reason individuals stay is due to lack of transportation.

Furnish N Design

FURNISH & DESIGN PROGRAM provides furniture to survivors who have transitioned into their permanent home.

Case Management

Our trauma informed Case Managers work with survivors to provide support, safety planning, and assistance to navigate resources.

Water Management

Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc., Pathway to Home program provides longer term transitional and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence. In addition, TabulaRasaDV offers placement for social housing.


TeenSpeakUp is our youth/teen domestic violence program. TSU is breaking the silence with youth to end domestic violence by providing a platform for them to speak out.


TR Counseling Service provide immediate and direct counseling services for survivors and their children. We encourage all of our clients to receive counseling within 24-48 hours of an incident.

R.I.S.E. – Resources, Insurance and Savings Education

R.I.S.E. is a financial education and information program to provide survivors of domestic violence with the understanding, knowledge, and tools to properly use, build and maintain their finances.


The FRESH START Program assist survivors with tool and resources to begin restoring and rebuilding their life with the most fundamental necessities from building their credit to a safe address and more.

Life After Trauma

Life After Trauma – is a 26-week module program that provide survivors with tools to ultimately make better decisions, thought provoking activities to help them heal, education, and life skills that include personal and professional development.

Donate to Save lives

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Our Donor

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