TRDV-Report ™ is an online resource that will aid in the awareness and prevention of domestic, family, sexual, and intimate partner violence by providing access to a worldwide background check. TRDV-Report ™ allow Survivors of domestic violence/ Individual to research potential partners to ensure they are not domestic abuse perpetrators or offenders. TRDV-Report. helps assist individual in making informed decisions. TRDV-Report is the background reporting service of TRDV, Inc a company that provides education, training and solutions for domestic violence.

It is known that most offenders are repeat offenders. Unfortunately, the law has not implemented for there to be a national domestic violence/intimate partner violence registry, individuals are unaware of the potential danger they may face prior to dating a potential partner. Currently, there are no domestic violence registries.

Texas proposed House Bill 100 that would have created a ‘Central database containing information about certain offenders who have committed offenses involving family or dating violence.” Any individual convicted of domestic violence at least three times would have to have his or her name placed in the registry. The legislation died in a legislative subcommittee.

New York proposed House Bill 7275 (Brittany’s Law) would have established a domestic violence registration act. Like the Texas legislation, it would require individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence at least three time to register as a repeat offender. In addition, it would (1) charge offenders with the duty to notify law enforcement officials of any change in address, (2) establish a special telephone number the public could call to inquire whether a particular person was on the list, and (3) require a public awareness campaign to advise the public of the registry. The bill died in the Corrections Committee.