TRDVLINX – Registration

How often have you as an advocate found yourself searching for resources to assist your clients?  It takes time cultivating relationships to build partnerships. Domestic violence doesn’t allow room to wait when a client is trying to escape with their life/lives.

The TRDV-LINX Domestic Violence Resource Conference International allows you

Our Co-Host of the event is Barbra Lester of Moving Women Forward.  She is from Australia and will be overseeing Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc – Australia.

We have several resources from other countries that are ready to connect and share.  Our fight to end this epidemic of domestic violence is a united effort.  We can not do it alone.  So, join us!

This is a virtual event and best of all it’s FREE!

Register today and get ready to build your contact!

“Your Contact is Your Impact”