Who Are We?

Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc. History

(In Latin -Tabula Rasa means an opportunity to start over without prejudice, clean slate, fresh start; clean slate, opportunity- a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances)

Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence Inc. (TabulaRasaDV) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing survivors of domestic violence a Fresh Start through services, support, resources, education, and empowerment in a safe trauma informed space to improve and strengthen their lives; and provide housing to those who are rendered homeless due to domestic violence.

Our mission is to provide survivors of domestic violence a Renewal of Life. We provide services and support to survivors that will empower and inspire them to transform their life to a positive, healthier, and loving place; physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially.

Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc. encompasses the hand-in-hand concept, offering a guided path for survivors to receive time-sensitive and needed services with support, while providing an uninterrupted transition to escape, heal, rebuild, and thrive.

Our program initiatives center around three core areas: intervention, prevention, and transformation. These components were devised to establish a circle of fulfillment, aiding individuals in achieving independence, self-reliance, and free from abuse. We help ensure our clients receive counseling within 24-48 hours after a domestic violence incident, which is imperative for their ability to decompress and process.

We have established both national and international partnerships with the aim of reshaping the approach to eradicating domestic violence, in line with our vision to redefine the path to end domestic violence. Our ongoing efforts involve not only nurturing these partnerships but also actively fostering their growth to better serve our mission effectively.