About Us

Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, Inc. is a non-profit organization provide services and support to victims and survivors of domestic violence which include Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), sexual assault, human trafficking, and child abuse, and provide victims safety, housing, and supportive services

Including domestic violence intervention and prevention, education, community support, dedicated to improving, strengthening the lives of families through empowerment and self-sufficiency to end domestic violence and domestic violence homelessness.

Established March, 2015, Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence Relocation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Germantown, Maryland. The organization currently has hubs in Prince George’s County, Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Founder, Ava Ross as a result of her own experience with domestic violence it is her personal mission to support others, Ms. Ross created a safe, yet invigorating platform, where survivors can share freely, gain communal support, have hope in the goodness of life, and find solace.

Our programs focus in three areas, – crisis intervention, prevention, and transformation-which was developed to create a circle of completion to help individuals become whole, self-sufficient, and free from abuse. We provide case management, counseling, job training, advocacy, transportation relocation, workshops, youth service, housing, education, and awareness. We encompass the hand-to-hand concept to help survivors have an uninterrupted process to escape, heal, rebuild, and thrive.

Over 400 women, men, and their children assisted!

We are funded by fundraisers, grants, and private donations.


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