The Parental Awareness Workshop is a community outreach event of Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence. PAW educates, empowers and informs parents and educators in our community with resources, tools, and information to help keep children safe.
The alarming statistics across the country shows that it’s time to step up and answer the call of duty for our children. There is no better time than now, with the increasing number of children going missing each day, from sex trafficking, runaways, teen violence, and trauma, it’s time to act now.

Register now for the April workshops…….You will learn what you wish you knew and obtain a rude reality to what you thought you knew..But you won’t regret it.  REGISTER NOW!!!!!!!

Life After Trauma® DV Support Group

Our meetings Empower, Inspire, and Help those who were in domestic violence / intimate partner violence relationship to understand and identify components that are the makeup of unhealthy relationships, to heal, and rebuild REGISTER NOW