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Speak it, Read it, Hear it, No more silencing it.....DV-Unmuted

The Poetry Project DV-Unmuted is a part of our domestic violence awareness and education campaign which consist of two parts, filming and a written release. DV-Unmuted consist of gifted poets from around the world that use their voice to speak up and out about domestic violence. 


We are seeking poets that are interested in being apart of the project that are willing to share their voice regarding domestic violence.  It can be ffrom the prospective of the direct Survivor, the child, family member or close friend.

If you are interested please completed the registration form below.  Thank you for your intersted to share your voice and talent in our poetry project, DV-Unmuted.

Sample Work Submission:

Have your headshot ready, recorded work and/or written work ready submission by August the 8th and send to dvunmuted@tabularasadv.org. 

Once again, thank you!  I look forward to listening and reading all of your sample work.  But most of all thank you for bravery and courage by sharing your voice!


Thank you

Ava Ross

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