1. If you are not safe call 911

2. Contact TRDV 24 hour hotline at 1-877-977-8738 for help 

3. Tell somebody and if you are employed schedule a meeting with your HR Director     and supervisor for a confidential off the record meeting to discuss your situation.

4. Know where you are going before leaving

5. How are you getting there – if you need transportation assistance contact TRDV for     Transportation Relocation Assistance (TRA) services

6. get a bag and leave it at a friend’s/relative’s house with clothes for you and your         children.









  • Car insurance card

  • Bank cards/credit card (do not use a joint credit or bank card) or prepaid card with money on it

  • List of medications with dosage for everyone in case you leave them.

  • Personal products

  • Birth certificates

  • Social security cards

  • Kids shot records

  • Copy of last year’s taxes

  • Medical insurance cards



Our TRA Program ® (Transportation Relocation Assistance Program) provides survivors and their children with transportation services to assist them with relocation. 

7. Know your partner's schedule so you can plan the time to leave when he/she is not there

8. Coordinate with your children a safe word or text to know what to do and where to meet

9. As soon as you leave and are at your safe location, file your Protective Order (PO)

10. Open your own separate bank account

11. Get counseling established for you and your children immediately (within 48 hours)

12. Utilize your TRDV-LINX to locate the services/products you need.

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